When a customer has a unique idea (or challenge) and we don't have anything applicable in our standard product line, we often work with them to devise a solution. We can custom design and tailor our products to meet a specific design our customers are after. We have entertained lots of ideas over the years and in many cases have followed through with the concepts producing unique products.

Our high skilled team of engineers and designers can find a solution to the most difficult design problems efficiently and promptly. Product designs originate in our state of the art computer aided design program is utilized to provide a 3D virtual design that can be reviewed by customers, before manufacturing begins.


Our metal sheet fabrication service is ideal for creating a wide range of requests according to customer needs. We work on small, large, and heavy components. Our teams of experts provide over a dozen metal fabrication services, from precise Laser Cutting, CNC punching, CNC machining to bending, forming, welding and more. We work with a large variety of metals and raw material forms.

Laser Cutting machines, known for their speed and accuracy, are truly on the cutting edge of technology. These machines cut fine and complex shapes from metal plates up to a maximum thickness of 16 mm. The integrated CADMAN software takes care of the whole system, starting from the design process and programming through to the cutting process.

CNC bending machines are able to bend sheet metal up to 6 mm in thickness and 3000 mm in length. With computerized Brake Bending control, we guarantee consistent quality. It's fast to set up, efficient and cost effective.

CNC Punching machines are suitable for small and medium jobs and are very cost effective for low volumes of work. With a rotary head and a variety of punches, they have the ability to follow, cut or punch any contour or shape and are flexible enough to perform special forming functions and taping.


We offer plastic Vacuum Forming service for specialist one off jobs (prototypes) as well as full batch production runs. Our vacuum forming service produce plastic parts for various industries, such as signage, interior, medical, electronics, entertainment and automotive.

Vacuum forming is a process where plastic sheet is heated to its transition temperature and placed in contact with a mold. The plastic sheet is formed into a new shape with pressure from the vacuum. Vacuum forming is a great solution when the customer needs too many units to fabricate by hand and too few units for injection molding.

We specialise in bespoke custom plastic vacuum forming projects from large piggy banks, giant boots to giant bottle displays. Alternatively our vacuum forming machines are kept busy with large production runs of bespoke gear trays, sunbed panels and lighting fixtures. Our CNC machinery and trimming service ensures rapid turn-around at all times.

Our in-house design teams are available to help with material selection, CAD / CAM designs, offer 3D visuals and produce initial prototypes to bring your projects to life. Our skilled fabricators can produce quality in-house tooling or alternatively bring in specialist aluminum tooling for vacuum fumed parts that requires maximum precision. Contact us now to discuss your custom plastic vacuum forming requirements.


Locker revenue share model is the optimal model for businesses wishing to generate locker revenues within their location.

Our team will evaluate and advise you on the suitability and optimal configuration of lockers to meet the exact needs of your venue or location, no matter how large or small.

The system is installed free of charge and we will manage every aspect of the system from the installation and management, to the customer support and maintenance, leaving you free to focus on your core business. You will share in the revenue and have no investment or ongoing costs.

International Standard compliance

PT. Matahari Leisure  is consider relevant international, regional and local standards whenever we conduct business. Our management system is certified to Quality Management System Standard-ISO 9001 version 2015 and ISO 13485. We are committed to open standards and multi-vendor interoperable system. The games are comply with UL22, CE, and RoHS standard and for medical equipment designed to comply with IEC-60601 standard. 

Excellence In Quality

Matahari Leisure stands for world class quality in all areas of our business. Our products are manufactured under tight inspection and follow-up service, ensuring that safety critical components are authenticated and handled according to the standars. Our commitments to quality excellence is secured and demonstrated through a system of controls for providing products, services and solutions that satisfy customer expectations.


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