MATAHARI LEISURE producing the games machine to supply LAI Games, a Helix Leisure company, which is 90% for export to USA and Europe. 50 years experience on games industry and as world class company MATAHARI LEISURE guaranty will provide the best products and services to the customers. Major achievement we have accomplished in the games industry, there are best polling for "Stacker" games in USA market in year 2004-2007, innovation award for "Little Master Piece" games, The Best Machine for "Speed of Light" games in IAAPA show USA 2011, on other major achievement.


Today's vending machines are evolving to be more than just a machine that dispenses items. With high-definition displays running rich graphics, our vending machine had ability to interact with the customer and enables continuing innovation to benefit both the customer and virtually everyone in the vending industry.
Supported by skilled engineer and latest technology, our vending solution is ideal for creating wide range of request according to customer needs. Our vending solution provides an "all-in-one" architecture for vending, which eases software management as well as provides a future-proofed computer platform.


As a newcomer to this sector, MATAHARI LEISURE  still has to make a huge concentration of world-class health care Equipment facilities.  Even though we are a new player in the medical industry but our products can compete with the big companies that have long engaged in the medical industry.

We can competitively, develop, and provides innovative wide-range of healthcare and hospital ward products. Our products are designed with care, maintain with high-performance standard, safety and risk management, comfortable, robust modular construction, ease of use and servicing in mind.  We have faced and will continue to face, the challenges of new technology innovation or to keep improves emerging technology in efficiency and productivity.

We stand on the brink a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way how creates a high-quality and efficient care.  And those standards will always be the very basis of product success and make customer satisfaction. Customer Satisfaction is our priority, therefore, our commitment is always to meet customer expectations through products that are reliable and trustworthy. 



Give your guests the freedom to have a great day out with our advanced networked electronic lockers. We will work closely with you to determine an optimum locker system configuration, and to devise a revenue model which meets your needs.

For your guests The Locker Network is simplicity itself. With the latest touch-screen technology; multi-payment options; secure access control and step by step voice assistance in seven different languages; first time users can hire a locker easily and quickly.


Snapshot photo booth is becoming an industry favorite. Offering dual cameras for normal and selfie styles as well as a comprehensive and unique range of filters, decorations and masquerades, your guests will have enjoy creating their photo prints but also sharing the pictures of their visit on all leading social media platforms.


Using either your organizations own software applications or custom software, this kiosk a full featured multimedia machine. This sleek design and durable structural form constructions allow you to deploy this kiosk indoor or outdoor for heavy duty public usage.

International Standard compliance

PT. Matahari Leisure  is consider relevant international, regional and local standards whenever we conduct business. Our management system is certified to Quality Management System Standard-ISO 9001 version 2015 and ISO 13485. We are committed to open standards and multi-vendor interoperable system. The games are comply with UL22, CE, and RoHS standard and for medical equipment designed to comply with IEC-60601 standard. 

Excellence In Quality

Matahari Leisure stands for world class quality in all areas of our business. Our products are manufactured under tight inspection and follow-up service, ensuring that safety critical components are authenticated and handled according to the standars. Our commitments to quality excellence is secured and demonstrated through a system of controls for providing products, services and solutions that satisfy customer expectations.


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