With room for up to 8 players the Studio version of our award winning Snapshot photo booths is a real crowd pleaser for your entertainment facility. Offering dual cameras for normal and selfie styles as well as a comprehensive and unique range of filters, decorations and masquerades, your guests will enjoy creating their large 8”x12” photo prints but also sharing the pictures of their visit on all leading social media platforms.

As an operator of photo booths you have to be focused on the cost to operate, with Snapshot2 you can source your photo paper from your own supplier helping you take advantage of the lowest possible print costs, you’ll find its much lower than the “locked-in” supply norms the industry offers today.

With the complementary mobile companion app on their phone, players can see all their photos from the booth, can share with friends and easily upload to social media. Its new killer feature allows players to print ordinary photos taken with their phone right at the photo booth providing new ways to generate sales and profits for you.

Other great features of Snapshot 2 include – Guided onscreen setup, Internet Connected, automatic content and software updates, an external monitor, large photo size: 8″ x 12″ and a commercial-quality Mitsubishi Dye-sub printer with 110 vends per roll.

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  • Single & Multi-Player
  • Companion App
  • Internet Ready
  • Automatic Updates
  • Pre-drilled for Embed
  • Universal Connector Link
  • Card System Ready
  • Coin Acceptor Ready
  • Bill Acceptor Ready

Width: 57.45” / 145.9cm
Depth: 74.03” / 188cm
Height: 96.33” / 244.6cm
Weight: 793.67lbs / 360kg


PRINT STATION is the ride photo system developed and designed for theme parks and water park. Powering with digital IEEE-1394 GigE camera capture, PRINT STATION can capture images on the water-park slide, rides or roller coaster. The capture images can then be viewed and sold as usual at one or more locations. All the options available on the Printing Station available with our server system and integration is seamless. Multiple rides can be integrated into the one system allowing visitors to view their images throughout your park.

Our PRINT STATION camera features automatic captures, allowing the photo captured automatically and transferred instantly to a 55" FULL HD monitor for guests previewing. While competitor provides their photo ride system with POS (point of sale) stations, PRINT STATION has multiple self-service kiosks allow your guests to purchase, edit and print the photos.

Using the very latest technology allows us to get high-quality images of your visitors at a moment in time where their experience is at its best. This, of course, translates into higher sales and a better customer experience.

  • 55 "LED Monitor for photo signage and running text
  • Kiosk printer with a 19 "LED monitor and touch screen
  • Eye-catching graphics and simple touch screen operation
  • Multiple Option of frames, themes, filtering effects and stamps
  • Using Dry sublimation photo printer for best quality
  • System of payment: Token, Note Acceptor, prepaid
  • 4R-sized photo paper (postcard)
  • Durable, easy to maintain cabinet

*Product specifications are subject to change without notice


LCD Stand







Printing Cabinet









Electric Supply


220 VAC 50/60 Hz


220 watts 1.0 A


International Standard compliance

PT. Matahari Leisure  is consider relevant international, regional and local standards whenever we conduct business. Our management system is certified to Quality Management System Standard-ISO 9001 version 2015 and ISO 13485. We are committed to open standards and multi-vendor interoperable system. The games are comply with UL22, CE, and RoHS standard and for medical equipment designed to comply with IEC-60601 standard. 

Excellence In Quality

Matahari Leisure stands for world class quality in all areas of our business. Our products are manufactured under tight inspection and follow-up service, ensuring that safety critical components are authenticated and handled according to the standars. Our commitments to quality excellence is secured and demonstrated through a system of controls for providing products, services and solutions that satisfy customer expectations.


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